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CEMSol Consulting On-Demand
Composed of a diverse group of professional engineers, designers, and technical staff, we offer a wide variety of technology solutions to clients in highly specialized industries.
Tailored Flexibility
We tailor our services, expertise, operations and attitudes to meet your needs. Our team provides solutions, and we can work on a project-specific basis as needed, on demand at your site or ours.
This option includes project and data-specific on-site training. Training time and schedules vary as per project need, plan and resources.
In-House Professionals
We are well-equipped to help you meet your goal of hiring in-house specialized experts that match your requirements.
Strategic Analysis
Through strategic prognostics and diagnostics analysis, our specialists will fully optimize your system's performance to propel your business.
Software Safety & Security
For highly specialized industries such as yours, our specialists put in place measures to ensure that software safety and security remain a top priority.
Roadmaps & Turnkey Services
We collaborate closely with client partners to create and execute plans, defining details of all phases of target project and product.
Software & Certification Compliance
Have peace of mind as our specialists ensure proper software and certification compliance throughout your organization at various stages.
Specialized Expertise
Safety Software Assurance Specialists
Specialized in systems and software safety programs
Specialized Industry: Aerospace/Avionics
Software experts that perform gap analysis, design and implement migration solutions.
Project and data-specific on-site training. Training schedule tailored to project needs.
In-house Professional
• Topic Expertise Support
• Project Technology Guidance
• Development & Verification Process
• Certification Guidance & Assurance
• Requirements Management Software
• Development Teams
• Software Verification Teams
• Systems Development
System & Safety Engineering
• System Safety Assessment
• FAA/FDA/SAE/NASA Expertise (SAE 4754A & 4761)
• Planning and Compliance
• Requirements & Test
• Airworthiness Certification (FAA, Mil 516 & STANAG)
• Diagnostic and Prognostic for Operational Maintenance
Software Engineering
• Software Execution
(Requirements – Design – Coding – Verification)
• FAA/FDA/SAE/NASA Expertise
(DO178, DO254, DO278, ISO26262, NASA8719.13, FDA510k, AMCOM385-17, STANAG)
• DER/SME Led Engineering Team
• Planning and Compliance
• Certification
• Test
• Real time & Embedded ISHM
Standards & Compliance
• Systems Software Safety
• Application Service Business Models
• Architecture Modeling
• Compliance Gap Roadmaps
• Training
• Jet Propulsion Laboratories/NASA Library

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